Gelmat DS™

If you want the best in terms of comfort, resting time and guaranteed durability, you need the GELMAT DS™ – made even better with Comfort Control System

  • Comfort Control System allows you to control firmness depending on herd type
  • Drop stitch (DS) internal webbing ensures maximum stability and comfort
  • Shock absorbency reduces injury
  • Comfort Rating:

System Components

Top Cover

Solid rubber with felt backing and diamond pattern recommended for optimal performance.

Drop Stitch Mattress

PVC bladder filled with gel compound to offer unprecedented comfort.

Comfort Control System

Revolutionary control panels allows for monitoring of firmness to ensure optimal comfort.

Poly Pillow and Base

Recommended for use in all free stall systems to help position the cow and maintain a clean stall.

Available in 63” and 66” lengths and 45” and 48” widths

Applications: Free Stall

Warranty: Free Stall – 3 years

GELMAT™ covered by U.S. Patent #9,049,841; CAN Patent #2,781,365; EU Patent Pending

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